• Science Merch For The Geeks

    There's no shortage of shirt sellers out there, but when it came time to take my science tee shirts to the next level. I had to start to do some real research online. I came across quite a large number of websites out there that claimed to be specific for the niche sites that are science focused. However, I was largely disappointed on the whole - This was due to the fact that the designs lacked originality and style.


    I've always preferred a style of Helvetica font with large, cool icons. This way, the design not only catches the eye of the people around, but it also gives the weather that fine fashion touch that only great designs can give. So, with this in mind, my search for the best science t shirts around led me to a site called Geek T-Shirts. This site was just what I'd been looking for.


    It had a pretty large selection of shirts in the science niche. This was of paramount importance for me in this science shirt quest. As a good selection can make my choice of tee, that much easier. The one that most appealed to me what the one below. It's perfect for all scientists who like a good strong use of a science icon in their tee design.


    So I ordered that one in an L as the American sizes are usually a but bigger than what I need on my shirts. It came in around 14 days which was a little slower than I'd hoped but still on time for my science event. I wore the new shirt at the event proudly and I had a few comments about it at the show. I did tell them of the site Geek T Shirts as I think a nice business that they have is better than people always shopping on Amazon etc. It works for me anyway. I'll keep y'all more updated on this blog as and when I make more shirt purchases online for my science passion. Read more about T-shirts here.